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welcome to loveandicons.

There are only three rules:
1) Don't take icons without crediting.
2) Blank icons are not bases for text.
3) Don't take icons, change them a bit,
and then claim them as your own.

notable mentions
- Some pictures are borrowed, some are original.
If we borrow one of your pictures, let us know
and we'll appropriately credit or remove the
picture, depending on your behest.
- We only take requests once a month. If it doesn't
get filled after that--meaning we didn't get to
it--feel free to resubmit.
- We do themes when the holidays come around. If you
would like us to do a particular holiday, we'll be
glad to oblige. All are welcome.

last but not least: how to credi
paste this in the comment line when you upload
the icon to LiveJournal:
created by loveandicons